Drawing as a continual process can be perceived as a leitmotiv in the work and life of Catharina van Eetvelde, a constantly on-going engagement with her surroundings. A way of creating a relationship with elements of the world she wants to grasp. Examining boundaries in several dimensions – spatially, temporally and technically – Catharina sees drawing not as medium-defined, resulting in variable materialities such as animated films, collages, assemblages, embroiders lines and words. For her, drawing entails cultivating a fragile medium and the acceptance of this reveals a humble attitude toward the world as well as toward time and space. This materialises in a sort of choreography of different materials, where each pin, each cable is part of the well balanced equation of (existing and non-existing) lines.

The title of this exhibition is:
chorus repeat:
contrapunctus, fugue. ilk

The term ilk symbolises the answer to the question ‘what is it that links us all?’. The Old English word ilk means same or that which is similar without specification. The word came to Catharina when thinking about what connects us all – an unstable system, the metabolism of a colibri, totems, technologies and incantations, formulas, precipices or vectors, etc.

<us> has to be perceived as the middle voice symbolising inclusion within a three-piece total of exhibitions carrying the overall title ilk. The first and third voice are heard in the exhibitions in Kunstmuseum Basel ( 26.11.2016 – 12.03.2017) and Folkwang Museum Essen ( 29.09.2017 – 14.01.2018).