Selected works
About the artist

b. in 1941 in Mexico, Pennsylvania, USA

Lives and works in New York City, NY, USA

Suzan Frecon is known for her abstract oil paintings and watercolors, which she has been making since the 1970s. Composed with meticulous attention to the physical qualities of her chosen medium, Frecon’s subtle, interacting arrangements of color and form are at once reductive and expressive. In the artist’s hands, color assumes a tactile quality, appearing almost material: Frecon develops her own color palette derived from pigments ground in oil, altering the quantities in order to obtain varying degrees of matte and sheen, surface and depth. She explains, “Color is the generator of the painting … I gravitate toward more natural colors rather than synthetic or artificial ones because they are what I feel what I want to convey … I think of the word ‘innate’ which perhaps means ‘within nature’. I like the word ‘innate’ regarding color because I do try to have dimension within the color so that it is more than one color.”

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