About the artist

b. 1981 in Mexico City, Mexico

Lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico


Combining conceptual, personal and archival photographic approaches, Iñaki Bonillas investigates the materiality and semiotic depth of the medium. Trained in the subtleties of image processing while he worked as the assistant in a photographer’s studio, Bonillas saw his practice transformed by the inheritance, of his grandfather’s photo archive. Refered to as the “J. R. Plaza Archive” it is composed of nearly three thousand pictures grouped in thirty albums, along with eight hundred slides, two volumes of an encyclopedia on film, and a folder of composite documents. The J. R. Plaza Archive became the matrix of more than twenty works the artisrt produced between the years 2003 and 2016. Bonillas addresses the cultural hisotry of photography to highlight the medium’s structural behavior and its relationship to the creation of identity.

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