Valerie Krause
So weit so lange

February 8 - April 12, 2013
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Press Release

Valerie Krause’s method is synthetic; her formal language is free and open. With this exhibition she shows the immense potential of her design practice, ranging from robust works to more spatial constructions, the strong linearity of which creates lines of fracture in the space. The materials used and their qualities dictate the design; moments of transition, such as the transformation of materials are respected and often emphasized.

The composition of most works contains large areas of tension, both material (static/dynamic, hard/soft, solid/fluid) and formal (open/closed, geometrical/anthropomorphical, streamlined/jagged). In spite of this play of contrasts, all sculptures remain within a classical concept of beauty that is defined by correct spatial proportions, dimensions and balance.

“The title is an indication of space, an indication of time – related to each other they are able to define a movement. At the same time the title also describes a kind of distance, waiting and longing. Both are references that have relevance in my work. The starting point is always human perceptions, relations, being moved and movement itself, whether in the form of an action, a gesture or as a position. The subject of gravitation and the will to rise up often appear. Tension of various moments that are united in one sculpture, tension of different materials. Gravity and lightness, dynamism and slowness, change of direction, interruption of continuity. And the attempt to find clarity in contrariness. The photography is a sort of collecting moment. Because it is not bound to the motive and because of its immateriality it has the ability to extend the context of the sculpture. No matter which moment is shown whether a light, a scenery, a portrait, it concerns a certain atmosphere which I try to find back in the sculpture.”