Carla Accardi and Katinka Bock
Dimenticare, mettersi in salvo

November 17, 2016 - February 18, 2017
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Carla Accardi
Katinka Bock

Galerie Greta Meert is pleased to announce the new exhibition of works by Katinka Bock (Frankfurt am Main, 1976). Katinka Bock creates sculptures and installations that explore temporality, process and space. She has used various materials, including ceramic, stone, metal, wood and water. The conventional aspects and the radical austerity of those materials resonate energy and tension and are chosen for their their primary aspect and their intrinsic qualities, but also because of the place there are linked to.

Space is articulated. This seems to be an essential aim for Katinka Bock: to make a space pronounce its elements, its qualities, its consitutive parts as an interlocking and signifying whole.*

The artist has chosen to create a relationship with some works of Carla Accardi that belong to the collection of the gallery. Carla Accardi, who has recently passed away, was born in Trapani, Sicily. She was associated to the artists in the early abstract art style. The title of this exhibition refers to a work by Carla Accardi, Dimenticare, mettersi in salvo. This means to forget, to shelter. To forget, to move further is for Katinka Bock a form of resistance. This resistance is visible in the works by Carla Accardi in the form of repetition. Rather than being self-related, each work functions, happens, exists because of multiplicity, of repetition in time and space.

Her work is shown on the first and second floor. An invisible, false mirror between the two floors acts like a conversation, but without a dialogue. «Conversation piece», a work in basalt from Rome exists in two exemplars. The importance of those two levels is showed by the work by Carla Accardi, «Scissione Verticale », exposed on the first floor.

The exposed pieces creates a displacement in order to accentuate the repetition as an orientation in time and space. This exhibition is not just an exposure of art works, but a happening in itself.

Katinka Bock studied successively in Berlin, Dresden, Paris and at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Lyon.

*K. West, ‘Articulated Space’, in: Ed. Paraguay Press, Paris and Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, West, K., Sadr Haghighi N. & Buchmann, S., Works. Oeuvres. Werke Words. Mots. Worte Katinka Bock, 2010, 9-10.