About the artist

b. 1937 in New York City, NY, USA

Lives and works in East Patchogue, NY, USA


It is hard to qualify the work of Robert Grosvenor. His sculptures are at once graceful, dynamic and seemingly minimalist, but it would also feel right to say they are often absurd, sometimes quirky, and that they tend to display quasi-maximalist tendencies. Weather it is through large sculptures or tiny color snapshots, his work exerts a sculptural and conceptual precision that comes across in the most effortless way. While his work remarkably interacts with the surrounding architecture and activates the viewers’ presence, it does so while referencing cultural tropes and imagery, hence without forgetting to be about something. But this “aboutness” is never clearly defined, instead, it is what keeps us coming back to the work to try and hear what it has to say.