About the artist

b. 1966 in Bologna, Italy

Lives and works in Bologna, Italy


Eva Marisaldi’s approach to art making relies on language, dialogue and communication between artist and spectator / viewer. Through performance, installation, drawing, video and sculpture she devices structures, contexts and situations that come to problematize acts of communication and consider concealed aspects of daily life. For instance, in her 1991 performance Scatola di montaggio (Mountain Box 1991), she closed herself in a box forcing spectators to talk to her without any visual contact. In her 1993 exhibition Ragazza materiale  (Material Gril, 1993) visitors could only access the first half of the gallery space and had to rely on the descriptions of other visitors to get an idea of what was in the second half of the gallery. Eva Mrisaldi uses the exhibition space to investigate the possibilities of individual and collective reflection and imagine new narratives both tangible and immaterial.