About the artist

b. in 1969 in Kortrijk, Belgium

Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium


David Claerbout (b. 1969, Kortrijk, Belgium) is one of the most innovative and acclaimed artists working in the realm of moving images today, his oeuvre exists at the intersection of photography, film, video, 3D, digital technology and new media. Although trained as a painter, through investigating the nature of photography and film, Claerbout became increasingly interested in exploring the notion time and duration. Fusing together the past, present and future into stunning moments of temporal elasticity, his works present profound and moving philosophical contemplations on our perception of time and reality, memory and experience, truth and fiction. Using pixel constellations, image sequences, light, duration and ambient sound, installation environment and the technologies used to convey these, his strikingly sensual compositions elicit new modes of perceptual absorption, expectations, comprehension and memory.